HeavyLift Club (HLC) has been established to help your company to gain more exposure in the industry of the Heavy Lift and Project Freight and to promote your company where the business is decided.

For project forwarders, EPC, Construction, Manufacturers, and many other industries where your services are required, HeavyLift.Club is a place where they can find all the information required to do a Supplier Pre-Qualification. The HLC system will have all this information readily available for companies to access and to see and download. Information like ISO and other certifications, cargo handling handbooks and manuals, HSE manuals and processes, equipment Maintenance process, fleet information, equipment information and details and much more. Find more information on this here.

HLC aims to achieve a network of heavy lift and project freight equipment operators and transport companies that will form a valuable group of companies of a high standard that can be seen as "approved Vendor". With its own HSE program, maintenance processes programs and much more that will lift the status of our members.

The HeavyLift Club's marketing is unique and has many years of experience in the industry and has now opened up for member to join. Advertising in magazines, industry leading news website, publishing marketing material such as company brochures, periodical newsletters, promoting at selected trade fairs and exhibitions and organizing annual conferences with member-to-member functions and social events, but also issuing press releases regarding members’ project freight operations.

Criteria for membership;

  • Owners of heavy haulage trailers and specialist engineering equipment
  • Owners of multi axle trailers
  • Crane owners
  • Specialized Rail equipment owners for project freight & heavy cargo
  • Tug and barge operators
  • Packing companies
  • Port & Terminal operators
  • Air Cargo handling equipment owners and operators
  • Engineering services
  • Rigging and equipment operators